How We Work Frequently asked questions

When deciding on an exterior cleaning company for your home it’s important that you have all the information available to make the best choice for your needs and budget. If you don’t find your question below, feel free to call us at (250) 896-5849 and we will be happy to assist you. Or you can email your question to us by clicking here.

Roof De-mossing

  • When cleaning the moss off of a roof we gently remove it using hand tools and a leaf blower, which is far less abrasive than using a power washer. We then clean out the gutters, clean up and spray the roof with a moss treatment to kill off the remaining moss roots and spores. The end result is what looks like a new roof again, as well as added longevity to the life of your roof.

  • No, the products that we use are environmentally responsible, non-toxic and biodegradable. They will not stain or damage surfaces or harm your pets and gardens. The active agent in our moss treatment is hydrogen peroxide, which is safe for people and will not bleach your siding, decks, etc. 

  • We specialize in de-mossing asphalt/fiberglass shingles only. For safety and liability reasons, we do not work on cedar plank, ceramic, concrete or metal roofs. 

  • As soon as you notice it, it’s time to take action. It’s only going to spread and get worse if left untreated. The sooner it is dealt with the less expensive it will be and the less damage it will cause. 

    Untreated moss can lift shingles up compromising water seals, causes shingles to prematurely rot due to excessive moisture, plugs up gutters, plus a host of other problems that can be very costly to repair. Avoid all of those problems by scheduling your roof de-mossing today.

  • Moss removal is recommended once, afterwhich the moss can be kept away inexpensively by re-spraying it with a moss treatment every 2 to 5 years (depending on the proximity of trees and amount of sun your roof receives). This helps to ensure the longevity of your roof by preserving the granular finish of your shingles and maintaining a clean, beautiful looking home without having to repeat the removal process.

  • No. Powerwashing asphalt shingles will indiscriminately strip away the granular finish, exposing the fiberglass substrate. This compromises the ability of the shingle to repel water, opening up your home to leaks and potentially expensive repairs. We take a much gentler approach by using specially designed hand tools in combination with a powerful and effective environmentally responsible spray treatment to clear your roof of moss. This process minimizes abrasive surface contact, which means much less wear on your shingles for added years of moss free peace of mind.

  • Our gentle hand process removes approximately 99% of the original moss on your roof. What remains are small moss fibers that are embedded into the shingles. Rather than scrub them off (which is added wear and tear to your roof) we apply an effective eco-friendly moss treatment killing all remaining moss fibers and spores. The residual fibers will die and fall off naturally within a few weeks after treatment.

Pressure Washing

  • Yes, on most surfaces such as decks, siding, and cement. We will assess every situation and surface separately and will use the appropriate cleaners and pressure accordingly.

  • No. When power washing we only use water from your hose taps. In some cases, we may pre-apply an environmentally friendly de-greaser for more stubborn stains.

  • Yes and no. Some siding materials are not suitable for power washing and are susceptible to damage, such as painted surfaces, stucco, etc. However, vinyl and other compound materials are perfect for power washing. Contact us at 250-896-5849 to inquire about your specific siding.

  • Most surfaces are safe if proper cleaners and pressures are used. For cracked and peeling paint, pressure washing may peel it further. We only recommend doing this in order to prepare the surface for re-painting. If you’re unsure about your particular surface give our A1 professionals a call at (250) 896 5849 and we will be happy to assist you in determining if pressure washing is right for you.

Window Washing

  • We typically wash windows by hand using washers and squeegees, but will, under certain circumstances, use a water-fed pole method (brush & rinse); usually this method is used just on deck glass, garage doors, sun rooms, and skylights. On occasion, we will use it for windows that are inaccessible due to obstructions, such as trees, overgrown vegetation, etc.  

  • Most customers find that 2-4 times per year is sufficient, depending on environmental factors. Generally, we recommend once in the spring and once again late fall. More often if you live near the ocean.

  • We will do a general wash of the windows (post construction and hard water stain removal must be booked separately), dust the screens and wipe off the sills. 

    Please Note: On the day we arrive please make sure to close all of your windows and remove any screens that are only accessible from the inside.

  • Yes, but we only offer our customers inside window cleaning services as part of our window cleaning package, which includes both exterior and interior window cleaning, as well as our screen washing service.

    We do not offer inside window cleaning as a stand alone service. It is only offered in combination with our outside window cleaning services, as we are primarily an exterior cleaning business. For inside windows only we recommend scheduling that project with a company that specializes in interior cleaning.

  • If the screens can be removed from the outside then we are happy to take care of that. If they can only be removed from the inside then the customer is responsible for removing them prior to our arrival. If internal screens are not removed we will have no choice but to omit that window from the washing service.

    If you would like to have your screens washed as part of your window service we are happy to assist you for a small additional fee on a per screen basis. Call 250-896-5849 today to discuss how we can get your screens in tip top condition.

  • They can be, in most circumstances. However, both items need to be requested when booking the window washing appointment. We cannot always see the skylights on the roof, so please mention beforehand if you would like us to clean them for you, as well as any deck glass that you might like cleaned. Unless you specifically request these items to be cleaned, only windows will be scheduled.

  • If there is to be any post-construction cleaning done (e.g. caulking, paint, stucco, drywall mud, etc.), please mention this beforehand so that a proper assessment of time and cost can be done. When a window washing job is booked, it is done so on the understanding that only a general wash is needed.

Gutter Cleaning

  • When we clean the interior gutters we first remove all of the loose debris on your roof and in the valleys. Next, we ensure that all debris material inside the gutters is removed, then we check that the downspouts are clear and draining properly. A full clean-up of your yard is completed and we leave it cleaner than we found it. For gutters with guards installed, we clean off the tops of the guards and check the downspouts for debris to make sure your gutter system is draining properly. 

  • We would recommend a fall gutter cleaning for everyone. We recommend a fall and spring cleaning if you have trees near your home. An additional winter and/or summer cleaning is also recommended if your home is surrounded by trees. 

  • Depending on the proximity of trees to your home, we recommend 1-4 times per year. We suggest cleaning at least once in late autumn after the leaves have fallen to ensure your gutters are flowing freely for the rainy winter season. 

  • Your gutters carry rain water away from your roof, through the downspouts, down into the perimeter drains and away from your homes’ foundation. If water backs up it can overflow, damaging your soffits, fascia boards and siding. Or even worse, it can enter your home through cracks in the walls, windows and/or foundation. It is one of the most affordable and beneficial maintenance services to perform on your home.

  • No, it only includes the bottom edge and outer face of the gutter. If you would like the soffits and inner lip of the gutter washed, then that must be booked separately.

  • When a gutter cleaning job is booked it includes cleaning the loose debris off of the roof and valleys, cleaning out the gutters and then we do a yard clean up. If you would like the exteriors of the gutters washed, then please let us know beforehand and we would be happy to book that in as well for a small additional charge.


  • Yes, we are covered under WorkSafeBC and also have a 2 million dollar commercial liability policy to cover your property and anyone on it.

  • We guarantee that you will be happy with the service you receive from A1 Exterior Cleaning or we keep coming back until we get it right… But we typically get it right the first time.

    Please Note: Due to pre-existing conditions such as natural aging, staining and variances in material quality, we cannot guarantee that everything we clean will come out looking brand new. While we do make every effort to bring out the best of your property, sometimes it isn’t possible to return certain surfaces to a new condition. In those instances, we will discuss your options for repair, replacement or if it’s ok to leave it as is.

  • That is a tricky question because that all depends on which service and the conditions of your cleaning job. It’s recommended you give us a call at 250-896-5849 to further discuss your specific needs. At that time we can better assess your job and give you an accurate quote.

  • We accept payment in credit card (Visa/MasterCard), e-transfer, cheque and/or cash. 

  • That depends on the time of year and the size of the job, but plan on booking 2-6 weeks in advance. We are unable to accommodate ‘rush jobs’ due to a high demand of our services and a busy schedule. 

  • We service all of Greater Victoria: James Bay, Oak Bay, Victoria, Saanich, Central Saanich, Sidney, North Saanich, Esquimalt, View Royal, Colwood, Highlands and Langford.

  • No. Being an exterior cleaning company we don’t require inside access to your home, so you don’t need to be there for us to work our A1 magic. As long as you’ve prepared accordingly for our arrival (see next question), you can go enjoy your day while our professionals work hard to get your property sparkling clean. When the job is done we drop an invoice in the mailbox and you can send in a cheque at your earliest convenience.

  • Yes. On the date of our arrival, please ensure the following (as applicable):

    • Vehicles are moved away from the building being serviced.
    • Water taps are turned on and operating correctly.
    • Internal window screens removed (if accessible from inside only).
    • Vegetation hindering access should be trimmed back from house.
    • Delicate plants/food gardens should be moved/covered.
    • Gates and other access paths unobstructed and unlocked. 

    NOTE TO DOG OWNERS: While we’re all animal lovers here at A1, we do ask for the courtesy of ensuring that any pet droppings are picked up in your yard before we arrive and your pets are placed inside or safely collared and properly restrained. 

  • We do ask that you allow as much notice as possible so we can make every effort to fill your appointment with another job. In any case, we do require a minimum of two (2) business days notice for any cancellations and/or re-scheduling otherwise a 50% charge will apply. 

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